Plot hole: Elevation of Consciousness |False God|

That was another day on earth for Vincent. It went like the day before that, and the day before that.

That’s it, that’s how far they went. 3 days prior┬áVincent had a mental breakdown so obviously it didn’t count. He should’ve had written it down though. But he didn’t, so now they were just going to add another chorus then outro. Sellouts…

See kids, that’s why you never do anything mentally. Vince had this bad bad habit that he refused to ever discard. All the things he could have done, but time slipped away. He hopped down from the car, got in and drove to where the light lies in wait

I never said I was the mental Vincent did I..? Nor was that Vincent? ┬áNah man I was just playing God, but you better believe I’ve always been far away. There ain’t a single consequential bit to Vincent’s face in this dimension anyway, he can be anywhere and still he is never found. It’s a denial of death…


First brother went away, onto the next one…


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