Plot hole: Elevation of Consciousness |Rising|

“Here’s a question for myself..” – contemplating Vincent (duh) – “Why would anyone give me a gift just to have it retrieved by their trusted entity..?”

Well you see, Vincent, why would anyone do anything? At all? Even when if they’re fond of such thing, Vince, there really isn’t a justified reason as to why loving it makes any goddam sense. But humans ain’t crafted from logic Vince, they’re feeling creatures that prefer to be self-proclaimed pseudo-thinker. You know what else are the ingredients? delusional, impetuous bits. The phantasm that had you flying right now and having this timeless bullshitting session Vince.

Sometimes, when the birds can swim and fish can fly, the lack of reason is the exact reason why anyone does anything Vince. But here’s your flaws though – maybe it isn’t a gift after all. Or maybe, they’re slowly figuring out that that might not be the gift they intended it to be, or that they shouldn’t have thought of it as a gift at all in the first place. So why did you, and them call it a gift? Good question, thanks for letting me ask myself though. Delusional, and impetuous bits. Ffs Vince, would you just please pay a little fucking attention to what I’ve been saying, one confused mtfker (me) is already more than enough. Honestly they probably thought they could be by your side and prevent the retrieval from ever happening but, arrogant right?

You’re gone because of your gift Vince; the gift you thought you were so anxious to open but never asked nor needed for.

Wait, so Vincent’s life up until this point isn’t really a meaning trip after all..? It wasn’t a gift, it has no weight, it can’t hold on to Vince anymore, can’t hold on to this denial of death anymore. Vincent has now just realized that he doesn’t have to squish himself down there anymore. And so Vincent enters the 6th dimension, ready to be a teamplayer…

It makes senses because, being immortal really doesn’t mean anything because it only has meaning when we’re mortal. However, being alive is meaningless anyway so cheating death really doesn’t defeat anything’s purpose at all. Savvy?


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