Plot hole: Elevation of Consciousness |Break|

Twas a funny moment for our hero, feeling alive recognizing the fact that he could feel his death. Vincent left the way he had lived, silent and forgotten, one single negligible entity. Vincent liked it tho, being away for a little while…

He had been told before that his noises are comfortably bearable, by a redhead. Vincent loves redheads, they’re seductively and mystically beautiful, just like their hair. In fact, dude met her in his dream, so in this case she was really in deed mystical. What she meant was his words, not anything else. How did Vincent do it? Easy, if you talk to someone every year for the rest of your days eventually you’ll run out of captivating bits to spit. So Vincent made a vow to himself that he’d stop talking to each particular soul after 7 years and resume it 21 months after the first incident.

However tho, our boy has forgotten something crucial, something that can be used against the bits he spat on himself. Vincent never stopped talking to himself. If anything, it’s been slowly taking over replacing other humans in his life. Does that mean he finds everything ┬áhe says to himself fascinating or none at all? Does he find it compelling that he could never run out of things to talk to himself? Or is he convinced by his own consciousness that this whole issue has been but an overly thought out paradox? In the end, V decided to go with “how do I know what I say is appealing if I don’t talk to myself first?”

Don’t play dice with the makers Vince, they have the zippos and couple of green cubes…


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