Plot hole: Elevation of Consciousness |Nowhere|

It was late at night, or so Vincent thought, cuz it was just purple all around so no one could say he’s wrong; and twas time for Vincent’s favorite pondering session. He was dead anyway, might as well.

“What have I done to deserve this..?” – distracted Vincent

They boy had to play the goddamn puzzle again. As much as he hated it, he loved that he could still feel the hate. Kid had the constant urge to play the game just so that he can hate it; his daily passion and pursuit. But wait, Vincent was now dead, wasn’t he?

“Wait hold on, do I still hate playing this game..?”

Now that Vincent consciously started thinking about the questions he asked, seemed like the kid didn’t hate the game just because he had to play it one more time anymore; but rather, the fact that he’d been letting himself hating the game by keep asking that same question over without realizing that it should not even have been part of the game, made him mad a bit more. So yes, at that point Vincent still had the hate in him fortunately; this time around was towards himself, for hating the game without knowing why. Naturally, just like any other cheesy drama attempting to be philosophical, the boy felt angry but was “happy that he could still feel it”, because it made him “feel alive”…

WAIT WHAT?! Time out, time the fuck out. Is Vincent alive or dead..? Well that is just absurd don’t you think?.. Who are you to define what being dead is to someone else? You can’t perceive Vincent’s stream of consciousness doesn’t mean neither can Vincent. Yes, Vincent was no longer there in sight; he’d gone to a place where only he alone could feel that he felt it…

At least that’s what I think it is; maybe a parallel universe of some sort? You’ve seen what you deem the crazy, the weird, the mental, the insane, the ill, the disordered, the psychotic, the schizophrenic, the abnormal, the demented, the maniac, the mad…

Vincent was just enjoying feeling alive for a little while, he’s not leaving forever, not then, not like that…


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