Plot hole: Elevation of Consciousness |Incident|

Those lights came closer; Vincent went flying. Why would anyone in their right mind park in a spot that clearly suggests being hit by another car..? But you’re wrong, a boy dreaming of noises from yesterday can’t be in his right mind. It’s a wrong mind. Although, a wrong mind can still have thoughts.

0.80s: “I cannot catch a fucking break…”

1.13s: “Aaaah the breeze…Keanu Reeves is so cool he bids me farewell”

1.27s: “Ya know the concept of human life cycle is confusing, even though what isn’t. You believe in god. You assume it takes up the human form. Yet a simulated reality is just a conspiracy theory. Sometimes you ignore the fact that we are but mere flesh and bones. We used to look at shadows crawling through walls of caves; we thought those were gods. We looked up the sky we decided now god was up there. We stacked dirt up so we rise, so we immolate our everything to the one. We were on top though not the zenith, we realized now we could be gods. Our powers became so great we could now even make OUR gods seem inferior. We control them (including our gods). We control ourselves (in the way we refuse to acknowledge). We control you (just as you wish). We grant our Gods the ability of fluctuating oblivion. As usual, we – yet again – forgot about the migration of 21 grams data. Gods don’t have souls, Gods create new ones. Or do they? Do they really create new ones? Or are they just replicates? But no, we were now gods remember? It’s worthless; what we were, are doing. Clearly we failed to mention to our gods that these values don’t count for anything anymore, the moment we handed them our salvation spices…”

2.60s: “There’s a chance that that higher power could lend me a pair of wings right now. However though, my existence up to this point has been one meaningful trip forward, why would I? My data need to keep going”

???s: “Oh I’m sorry, there’s no such thing as time, only motions”

I can easily pronounce Vincent dead right now but that’s just my opinion. Objective truths can only in time appear to be subjective judgement. Guess Vincent was just that irrelevant…


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