Plot hole: Elevation of consciousness |Establishment|

The night skies have been and will probably always be young Vincent’s favorite unexplainable dose of daily solitary. Was it the moon? Nope, that face is too mediocre, and looks like crap for most of the month anyway. Definitely not the stars also, cause’ no matter how much Vincent wished it was her foggy romantic atmosphere, that’s just air pollution. What could it be then? What could have stolen that vulnerable heart of Vincent during those brutal years of battling puberty? Now you’ve got to be really careful throwing around questions like that; whatever you do, do not involve teenage girls in this matter of life, or (your) tears will be shed from hearing all the potentially sentimental candy-floss of this beautiful scenery (yes the night skies). If only young Vincent had watched some comedy drama blockbusters, surely he would have known he should be lying on top of the new car his parents just got him, resting along the curve of that driveway leading up to the mountain of love somewhere; somewhere where somehow creepiness suddenly turns into peace or even worse, romance. But of course Vincent had no significant others, since they bored the shit out of him; or at least that’s what the kid feared would happen, based on the impressions ladies gave off to him. He was pretty positive about being a tortured genius; but later in life pointed it out for himself that he might just be straight up weird. Either way, it didn’t matter, since young Vincent hated those movies, only those specific movies to be exact, with a passion, probably even more than his disgust for Kurt Cobain. Vincent loves the excitement that movies bring, though not at the point where his body hair says so just yet; he loves those alternative worlds, though strongly dislikes the unnecessary cheesiness of artificial drama. Vincent was laying here; the kid was only here not because of what was here, but rather what couldn’t be here. With all the time in the world, now young Vincent could actually dig up and listen again to all those noises of the world and feel the calm of his mind. Isn’t it beautiful, the experiences that find those who deserve them; and not just another one of those hairy photographers capturing moments of life. Although, it is rarely a good idea to have too much time on your hand, you’ll start to feel this hauntingly exotic breath crawling up yo brain every now and then; oh the horror… Yes I’m looking at you Comfort! I’ll be seeing you in theater 30 years from now for sure, the masterpiece “Straight Outta Comfort”.

“Back then when being boring gained its rights and was considered to be the socially demanding coolness, everyone decided to go out and try to live with comfort”.

But hey, relevance is the time killer, which makes it Godlike since time is the ultimate killer…


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